Parks & Recreation Building

The Clinton Parks & Recreation Office and Community building was built in October of 2008. Inside, you will find the Parks & Recreation staff offices, a large park maintenance equipment garage,  as well as a large multipurpose space for community programs,  events and space rentals.

Business hours for the Clinton Parks and Recreation Department are generally 8:30am-5:00pm. The office phone number is 978-365-4140. Programming can take us out of the office, so feel free to call ahead before stopping by.

Examples of activities held at the Parks & Recreation Building:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Sports Meetings
  • Special Events
  • Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts Meetings
  • Art Classes
  • CPR & Safety Courses
  • Special Classes & Programs

All information for rental of the multipurpose room can be found below. If you have additional questions feel free to contact the department.

Contact the Parks & Recreation Office at 978-365-4140 to confirm that your desired date is available. If you prefer e-mail, you can e-mail Emily Easterling at 

Dates will be booked on a first come, first serve basis and are dependent on turning in all required deposits.

In order to reserve your desired date we require a 50% deposit based on the total rental fee and a separate payment of $25.00 for the security fee. Without these payment we cannot confirm your date. Please see Rental Information Link Above.

What is included?

Included with the rental is access to the multi-purpose room, bathrooms, hallway area, and backyard.

Available equipment:

  • 10 round tables 60 inches
  • 8 rectangular tables 6ft.
  • 50-80 black chairs
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Cleaning supplies

Dimensions of the space:

  • 25 ft. Wide
  • 40 ft. Long
  • Ceiling Height is 9.5 ft.

To reserve the Space fill out this Rental Paperwork: 

Building Use Form 2018

Rental Policies and Regulations:



A signed rental form as well as the $25.00 refundable security deposit and 50% of the total rental fee must be received to hold your date and times. CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION is unable to reserve your date without all the above. The balance of your rental is due forty-eight (48) hours prior to your rental.

The $25.00 security deposit will only be returned if all conditions are followed and the space is left how you found it. If there are damages and/or an unclean space the deposit will be kept. If your deposit check is not picked up within 30 days we will shred the check.

All payments must be made via cash or check. Checks are payable to: “Town of Clinton”.

Note: Security deposit and 50% date hold fee must be in two separate payments.

On the rental form I will give permission to for the CPR to shred my security check deposit if applicable. If I do not give permission I will pick up my deposit within 60 days of the rental. Should I fail to pick up the security deposit the deposit will be cashed and act as a donation to the department. 


Decorations may be used in the space, but all must be cleaned up and removed from building after use. All wall decorations may be hung with painter’s tape only. Decorations CAN NOT be hung from any smoke detectors or fire alarms.

The following items are NOT allowed:

  • Glitter
  • Smoke machines
  • Water devices
  • Silly string

Outside Vendors such as bounce houses and the like require approval from CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION. If approved CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION will need copies of either the renter’s personal liability insurance or the liability insurance of the bounce house rental facility.


This function room holds up to 70 people with tables and chairs.

Clinton Parks and Recreation provides the following at no extra cost:

  • (10) 60 inch Round Tables
  • 65+ Black Folding Chairs
  • (4) 6” Rectangle Banquet Tables


Set-up/clean-up must be incorporated into your rental time a minimum of one (1) hour each @ $20/hour. Any additional time needed must be added to your rental time and will be charged accordingly.

All tables and chairs may be used, but must be returned to their original space after use.  If using markers/paint/etc. on tables then a table cloth must be used to prevent damage to tables.

All trash must be taken with you after your event, not left in the building. Trash is not to be dumped into the dumpster at Fuller Field or the CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION’s Dumpster/thrown over the gate, if this takes place your security deposit will be forfeited.

The function room must be swept/vacuumed/mopped of all food, trash, etc. once the event is complete. CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION provides all cleaning supplies/equipment which can be found in the closet labeled as “Cleaning Closet”.


Bathrooms may be used, but must be clean after the event. CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION will stock bathrooms prior to your event.

Parking lot and exterior of the building must be free of all signs, decorations, and trash as well.


Renter agrees to comply with all applicable town, county, State, and Federal laws and shall conduct no illegal act on the premises. This is a drug free and non-smoking facility at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Renter shall not serve/sell alcohol on premises at any time this is a dry facility.


One or two business days prior to the reservation date, the renter will be issued a code for the use of the building. The code will not be distributed via email or phone; thus, the renter must come to the office during hours of operation to retrieve the code and further instruction. A copy of the renter’s license will also be taken at the time of the code retrieval. Only those renting the facility will have access to the building.

Access to the office space, closets, and park garage are strictly off-limits during your event. Any disruption, damage, or theft occurring in these areas will result in fines and necessary legal action. The only closet that should be accessed during the event is the labeled “Cleaning Closet”. All other closets are off limits, if they are found off track your security deposit will be forfeited.

Do not leave the building door propped open during your event for any reason. The door may be unlocked for participant access, but may not be propped open.

Upon entering the building, be sure to fill out the top portion of the checklist to note any damages prior to your event. Prior to exiting the building, the renter must ensure that the required checklist has been filled out, the facility is in good condition and all lights as well as heat/AC is turned off. Renter agrees to lock up the facility at the end of the event.  

Renter agrees that CLINTON PARKS AND RECREATION staff may enter and exit premises during the event if needed.

This building may only be rented between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm. We do operate in a residential area, so we please ask to observe a normal level of noise.


Cancellations prior to a week before the rental will receive a full refund. If an event is cancelled within a week of the reservation both the 50% deposit and the $25.00 security deposit will be kept.

Please contact our office with any questions about the above rules prior to your event 978-365-4140.

All Fire Department, Police Department, and Parks & Recreation, and Board of Selectman rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the Parks & Recreation building must be strictly followed. The user will be held responsible for any and all damage to the parks & recreation office and/or equipment, furniture, etc. therein. A fee will be charged to the user if cleaning is needed after use. Children must be supervised at all times. User is responsible for making sure building is locked and secure after use and must work with the director/assistant director to confirm these details. User also agrees to comply to the above statements of rules and regulations.