Philbin Memorial Park (The Acre)

Philbin Memorial Park

(The Acre) 

The Splashpad will be open Memorial Day for the Season! 

The Edward J. Philbin Memorial Park, also known as “The Acre”,  is located on the corner of Berlin and Wilson Streets.  The park includes many features that are a favorite to local children. Please see below for more information about this facility.

Park Facilities:

  • Playground Structure with Slide
  • Splash Pad – open 9:00 am – 7:30 pm during the summer months (typically June – September, or as weather allows)
  • Basketball Court
  • Free Little Library
  • Open Space

Information about the Splash Pad:

The Splash Pad is a resident favorite that allows kids to cool off during the heat of the summer. Here is some information about this amenity:

  • When turned on the Splash Pad runs for 4/5 continuous cycles before the engines go through a cooling cycle. The cooling cycle lasts for 15-20 min. depending on how hot it is outside. After the engine has cooled properly, the cycles can begin again.
  • How come the Splash Pad shuts off early some nights? This is a very good question. The hardware that controls the time settings on this equipment is not digital and therefore, we cannot set the exact time that the structure will shut down. The timer is set to run until 8:00 pm but can shut off up to a 1/2 hour early.

Activities held at the Park:

  • Free Play
  • Passive Recreation
  • Basketball Tournaments
  • Special Events

Park Rules:

Splash Pad:

  • Splash pad use is designed for children 10 & under with supervision of an adult.
  • Swim diapers should be worn by our younger crowd.
  • We know your pet likes the water, but the splash pad is just for kids!
  • Slow down on equipment, its slippery!
  • Hours of operation: 9:00am-7:30pm, Memorial to Labor Day


  • Please review all the safety and age appropriate labels on equipment.
  • Be safe and be courteous of others using equipment.
  • Pets are not allowed near playground; animal waste must be picked up.
  • Have fun playing from dawn to dusk. After that, Police take notice!


  • Use of space for functions, gatherings or events must be approved by the Clinton Parks and Recreation Department
  • Keep your park clean! Before you head out pick up and throw out trash.
  • Smoking and Alcohol use is not allowed.


Edward J. Philbin Memorial Park: