Savage Field Master Plan


Savage Field , also known in town as “Vale Street”, has been a central gathering place for recreational activities for young and old in Clinton for many, many years. Over the past several decades, little funding has been provided to the Parks & Recreation Department to perform necessary maintenance tasks and other renovations to the property to keep it safe, updated, and pleasant for residents. When new Parks & Recreation Director, Jessica Brodie, was hired in August of 2012 she took a close look at the property and realized that simply performing “band-aid” maintenance tasks was no longer an option for this park. In order to fix and renovate all the park amenities properly, Jessica knew it was time to take a look at the bigger picture and plan ahead for the next 10-20 years.

Since the department had just received funding to renovate the basketball court in 2011, Jessica worked on that project in 2012 and oversaw the completion of the court in June of 2013. With the basketball court now complete and updated, it was time to take a closer look at the entire park before working on any other improvement projects.

The Parks & Recreation Department hired GALE Associates in the fall of 2013 to complete a Needs Assessment/Master Plan of the Savage field property. The process used to complete the study focused on three specific tasks summarized below:

  1. Perform a background investigation and site evaluation to determine the geotechnical, topographical, and resource area constraints that may impact the development potential of the site. Development of a base map help to identify the prevailing site constraints related to the fields and surrounding areas.
  2. To determine how the athletic fields and park facilities may be developed and reconfigured to best meet the athletic programming and recreational needs of the town.
  3. To compile several conceptual layout schemes to demonstrate how the athletic fields and park facilities might be organized and prepare cost estimates for each layout, in a manner suitable for comparison of the alternatives. While the pre-design cost estimates are suitable to assess project feasibility, they are not adequate for establishing actual project budgets.

By using funds from the Parks & Recreation’s Revolving Account that was collected over the years through field use fees and other user fees, the department did not have to ask the town for additional funding to hire GALE to complete this plan. The cost for GALE’s services came to just over $7,000 which included surveying the property and the final Master Plan report that was completed in May of 2014.

The next step for the Parks & Recreation department is to seek funding to hire GALE Associates for consulting services to move forward with the ideal conceptual layout identified in the Master Plan.  The cost to hire GALE for consulting phases 1-4 (of 5 total phases) is $45,000. These funds have been requested in a Warrant Article at the 2014 Town Meeting. By completing phases 1-4 of consulting steps, the department would then have all the prepared documents needed to seek grants and other funding for the actual project in the years to come. All permitting, approvals, design phases, and cost estimates would be established in phases 1-4. Phase 5 of consulting services is for the construction phase (bidding, site supervision, etc.)  that the department would seek funding for when also seeking funding for the actual project.

Savage Field Conceptual Layouts:

Option 1 (not ideal, but keeps current footprint of park & less costly):


Option 2 (IDEAL OPTION – more costly, but provides greatest flexibility to add more facility amenities to the park):

Sketch – 2


Savage Field Project Documents:

MASTER PLAN DRAFT – Savage Field Feasibility Study 5.9.14 – DRAFT completed May 2014

Warrant Article Power Point Presentation 2014


Savage Field Project Photos:

Before Pictures:



Construction Phase Pictures:




After Pictures: