Park Rules & Policies

The Clinton Parks & Recreation Department works hard to ensure that all of our parks stay clean, safe, and enjoyable for all Clinton residents to enjoy. Park rules and policies vary on the individual park, so please see below for a complete list of policies for specific parks.


Central Park:

  • Dispose of all waste properly. No littering or trash dumping.
  • Do not block or obstruct sidewalks; pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Recreational wheels allowed in a forward motion on sidewalks only.
  • No climbing, hanging, or stunting on trees or park structures.
  • Dogs must be held on a leash and all waste must be removed by owner.
  • Sitting on park fences, monuments, or structures is not allowed.
  • No gathering allowed in the park after dark.

Central Park Rules & Policies


Savage Field:

  • Litter and trash must be cleaned by all teams using field after each use
  • No dogs are allowed on the playing fields or in the skate park
  • Dog waste must be picked up and removed by owners
  • No driving, riding, or cycling on baseball fields
  • Skatepark is open from dawn to dusk each day
  • No climbing on structures
  • Lights must be turned off by leagues using them or a fee will be charged
  • Reservations for fields must be booked through the Clinton Parks & Recreation Department
  • Basketball Court Rules:
    • Residents only without prior approval from Clinton Parks & Recreation
    • Basketball sneakers only. No marking shoes
    • No recreation wheels of any kind: skate boards, bicycles, scooters, etc.
    • No dunking or hanging from rims
    • Court is open from dawn to dusk without prior light use approval

Edward J. Philbin Memorial Park (The Acre):

  • Dog waste must be picked up and removed by owners
  • Litter and trash must be disposed of properly by users
  • No climbing on structures other than playground equipment intended for that purpose

Carlisle Park, Duck Harbor, Turini’s Corner:

  • No Skateboarding on park structures
  • No Littering
  • Dog waste must be picked up and removed by owners
  • No Sitting on park fences, park benches are provided


Additional Park Rules & Policies:

  • All passive activities are acceptable so long as they are legal and, in the judgment of the Parks & Recreation Department, Town Officials, or the Police, not offensive or inconsiderate to others.
  • All active activities, such as ball catching, Frisbee, and the like, is acceptable, but in addition to such use being considerate of others, it must meet common sense limits for consideration of the safety of those playing and anyone that might be affected by the play.
  • All active playing fields in Town are positioned and built with careful consideration to safety issues regarding players, spectators, passers-by, abutters and especially public roads; none of these precautions are ‘designed into’ Central Park so exercise of good judgment is essential.
  • Active play should be kept clear of the sidewalks, park structures, buildings and roads.
  • Those that wish to use Central Park for private and public events must seek permission from the Clinton Parks & Recreation Commission prior to use. A fee is charged according to the size of your event, and all listed policies and rules are enforced during these events as well. Special events will also have additional rules and policies that must be followed.
  •  Inappropriate language, music, or any other form of verbiage that is seen as offense or inappropriate to all park users will not be tolerated. Respect and courtesy are expected of all those using the park.  Those that act in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave the park.


Town Wide

  • Gathering in public parks and playgrounds is prohibited between dawn and dusk.
  • Any unauthorized motor vehicle in any park or playground between dusk & dawn shall be towed at the owner’s expense.


The following are not permitted anytime:

  • Damage, injury, defacement, or destruction of any property, including but not limited to any tree, shrub, plant, rock, building, cage, pen, monument, fountain, flag, poles, lawn, fence, bench, or artifact.
  • To litter, deposit trash or debris or any other materials, except within proper waster containers.
  • To remove any bench or any other municipal item.
  • To operate or drive any motor vehicle upon any part of the park except designated roads or parking areas.
  • To start fires on any property.
  • To allow a dog in any park or playground unless the person having control of the dog has it on a leash. No person shall allow their dog on play areas, playfields, courts, pools, or any other structure. All persons in control of a dog are responsible for removal of dog feces.
  • To fish or hunt on any park property, except at such places and times as shall be authorized.
  • To erect or maintain a tent, shelter, camp, or other structure in any park without the prior written consent of the parks & recreation department.
  • To disobey any legal request or order of the Police, or any agent or employee of the Town of Clinton.
  • To use or possess a firearm, explosive device, bow & arrow, blowgun, sling shot, B.B. gun, paintball gun, spear or trap, or any other such device.
  • To possess or consume alcohol unless permitted in accordance with a permit issued by the Town of Clinton.



  • Any passive or active use of the grounds that is regarded by the Parks & Recreation Department, Town Officials, or the Police, in their sole discretion, as inconsiderate, offensive or unsafe is cause for the participants to be requested to redirect their activity, or to cease, or to be removed from the grounds.
  • Whoever violates any of the policies, regulations or rules listed herein, the violation of which is subject to a specific fine, may be penalized by noncriminal disposition as provided in General Laws, Chapter 40D, Section 21D.  However, nothing herein shall limit or restrict any enforcing person’s authority to seek criminal prosecution for the violation of any such policy, rule or regulation.
  • All special events taking place in the park that fail to follow the written procedures and rules for such events will be fined or penalized accordingly by the Clinton Parks & Recreation Commission and/or Police.


Park Watch Program

NEW!  The Park Watch Program is a partnership between the Clinton Parks & Recreation Department, Police Department, and town residents. All three groups work together in an effort to help prevent crime & vandalism to playgrounds and park equipment, to alleviate suspicious activity in our parks, to assist in the enforcement of rules for each park, and to promote community involvement and positive atmosphere.

For more information please download the below Park Watch Program brochure.

Park Watch Program