Savage Field Renovation Project

Savage Park Renovation Project:

Savage Field is a beloved property by the town of Clinton, steeped in history and memories, this property has the potential to be a cherished family destination for town residents. In order to get to this point some major changes need to occur. Overall the property is unsafe and does not meet the needs of the town.

In the fall of 2013, the department completed a Needs Assessment and Master Plan to improve the whole park. More information about this project can be found by clicking here.

With this information our department has been working with Gale Associates to redesign the park in order to make it family friendly and safe for all that visit. The project will be divided into multiple phases in order to offset the costs of the project.

Project Phases:

Savage Field Phases Document

Phase 1: Commenced Fall 2017 and mainly included a picnic pavilion and multi-age playground. Further work is slated to be completed on the property in the form of parking this spring.  


Future Phases: Overall, the project will see changes and improvements to the lighting system, the men’s softball field, the little league field and the skate park. The department will split up these projects into future phases based on funding and community need.

Savage Field is in need of some major improvements. Our department has a clear vision for this property and is in need of your support to make it a reality. Savage Field is used by the Men’s Softball League, the Women’s Softball League, the Clinton Little League, and the Clinton Youth Softball League, as well as being used for town events and programs. 

Please see below for the potential design layout of the property and some of the elements within the property.

Frequently Asked Questioned: 

  1. Why did the field flood?

    • It is on a river and river’s flood every so often, but some other factors impacted the flooding of Savage Field which include debris downstream trees, trash, and leaves-backing up water near the field. Furthermore, in  2009 high rain fall and a late snow melt, the town was not prepared for this and  the flash boards on spillway which can turn reservoir into a bigger tank were not installed/under construction at the time—since that event every time there has been high rain/snow melt DPW will let water out in preparation.
  2. What are we doing to prevent future flooding:

    • All materials used will maximize drainage, including foundation under fields, and grass type, infield materials
    • Currently there are 3 drains at the field, all are silted in and not draining properly, we will be installing/improving these drains
    • At the conclusion of the project there will be less impervious materials at the field than there currently is. 
  3. Irrigation and drainage concerns:

    • Irrigation:
      • The current irrigation system needs repairs and upgrades. We have been working on it over the last 1.5 years but many of the lines are broken which will require trenching and replacement
      • There is currently no irrigation between the fields/around the basketball court. Phase 1 will install irrigation to these areas.
    • Drainage:
      • The current field materials do not allow for sufficient drainage, the new materials being used will be selected for better drainage
      • The current grated field drains are blocked by soot which further reduces drainage
      • The Water Street project when completed should also help with drainage. They are installing new drains on that street as well as curbs to help direct the water.
  4. Are there any concerns from the conservation commission?

    • In April 2015 the Parks and Recreation Director went before the Conservation Commission during an informal meeting and presented the project. As the project is in the same footprint as the current park, the Conservation Commission was also very impressed that we are reducing the impermeable service area on the total lot of the project.
    • The Nashua Rivers boarders that property and requires a buffer zone of 200ft, none of the structures are within that buffer zone
    • All soil testing and environmental testing passed without any issues
  5. How does this project impact the tax rate and where is this money coming from? 

        • We have already received a grant from American Ramp Company to assist with the design process of the Skate Park ($3,500)
        • We will continue to raise money for the completion of other elements through corporate sponsorships, private donors, capital improvement requests and other creative fundraising and money saving avenues. For instance if we do community builds for the playground and skate park it saves a significant about of money.
        • Things like community builds will reduce the overall cost of the project (playground)
      • What is the estimated tax impact of the Debt Service Exclusion?
        • The impact of a $544,270.93 borrowing note would result would be an estimated annual increase of $9.13 on the average single family home valued at $228,374. The estimated total cost to that average single family home would be $136.95 over a 15 year period.We will be requesting money for this project at town meeting this year   (2016 as part of the FY17 Budget. ) 
  6.  If the town pledges the money this year but is not able to support the project in the future will the project be left incomplete?

    • Each phase of the project is a completed project. So if no further money is available the elements in phase one will be fully finished by the completion of the Phase 1 construction. However, in order to get the park fully renovated we will need the funding to complete each phase of the project supported, this can be done through the town, through grants and through donations. 
    • Savage Field Colored Image



Clinton Design #1 from American Ramp