Rauscher Farm

Rauscher Farm

29 Clamshell Road, Clinton, MA


About Rauscher Farm:

Rauscher Farm is approximately 62 acres of open fields and woodlands with frontage on Clamshell Pond. The farm is located at 29 Clamshell Road off of Wilson Street in the area of Clinton known as The Acre. For generations the property was operated as a family farm and remained one of the last large open spaces in our compact town.

Friends of Rauscher Farm (FORF) originated as group of citizens who were energetically engaged in encouraging the purchase of this former agricultural land and preserving it as publicly accessible open space. A vote was passed by the citizens of Clinton in June 2006 which approved purchase of the 62 acres known as Rauscher Farm and its preservation as open, recreational space to be enjoyed by the people of Clinton and surrounding towns.

We meet regularly and plan and manage activities and events to:

  • Inform the people of Clinton of the availability of this town-owned property for their enjoyment.
  • Support fundraising efforts for nature programs and maintenance of Rauscher Farm
  • Plan and manage events and activities including nature walks, school tours, and other recreational and educational activities
  • Sponsor surveys of plants and wildlife
  • Identify and mark the boundaries of wetlands
  • Provide volunteer labor for cleanup and maintenance of the property
  • Arrange and schedule haying of fields and grass mowing

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