Financial Aid

 Financial Aid Information: 

Scholarship opportunities are available to those seeking financial assistance to register for a Clinton Parks & Recreation program. These scholarships are limited so please fill out the paperwork early for consideration, scholarships will be awarded based on need.  Priority is given to Clinton Residents, but scholarships can be awarded to surrounding community members seeking aid.

How do I apply?

  • Fill out the program registration form for the specific program you are interested in receiving a scholarship for.
  • Fill out the scholarship form.Scholarship form  while referencing the Federal Income Levels form: 2016 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines_0
  • Return both to the Clinton Parks and Recreation Department

Scholarship Procedures and Policies:


Scholarship Levels:

For each member of a qualifying household, programs will be subsidized accordingly, based on information provided and determination by the Clinton Parks and Recreation Director. Scholarships are awarded by level and the breakdown is listed below:

Level 1 – 25% Scholarship

Extends 25% off of program price

Level 2- 50% scholarship

Extends 50% off of program price

Level 3 – 75% scholarship

Extends 75% off of program.  Attendance is mandatory in order to maintain scholarship eligibility.  If participant is absent for more than 10% of program, scholarship will be withdraw and participant is responsible for the full cost of the program.

  • Scholarships are not able to cover 100% of the fee or charge. By requiring a portion of the fee to be paid, the recreation department believes this increases the level of investment on the part of the scholarship applicant while maintaining the value of the program, or service being offered. If you feel you need 100% of the fee covered as a special circumstance you will need to arrange a meeting with the department director.
  • Even when requesting a scholarship, for some of our more popular programs a deposit is required. Scholarship applicants are required to put in a deposit to hold their spot. Once scholarships have been awarded this deposit will be applied to the existing balance.
  • If the program is outsourced participants will be required to pay for the program at cost, if awarded a scholarship the department will waive any and all administrative costs.