The LEGO Civics Project

The Lego Civics Project

As our students build a fully-planned and intricately-designed model Lego city, they also learn to govern it. Students learn about elections, constitutions, flags, currency, economics, budgets and the environment as they serve on a city council which must make key governing decisions about the city. Students have the opportunity to run for mayor, open their own business, debate city issues and respond to natural disasters and citizen concerns. Social studies, history and civics have never been so fun!


In this class, students will:

  • Serve on the city council of their Lego City
  • Learn about laws and the rules of society and create a city constitution
  • Learn about the meaning of symbols on flags and design their own city flag
  • Run for mayor or serve as campaign manager for another student running (if they choose not to run) and create a campaign platform stating opinions on each of the campaign issues
  • Give or help write a campaign re-election speech to voters outlining issue positions
  • Learn about important civics-related topics as taxes, immigration, the environment and the First Amendment
  • Learn about and make decisions related to urban environmental issues
  • Learn about natural disasters and respond to “events” that take place in the Lego City

Date: Monday August 28th, 2017

Time: 9:00am-2:00pm

Grades: 3rd-5th

Cost: $69.00 per person for the one day class

Location: Clinton Parks and Recreation Department